God In You is Your Own Wonderful Human Imagination — Neville Goddard

But what if you have impure thoughts?

3 min readMay 22, 2022
Photo by Daniel Borges

Neville Goddard says in his beautiful melodic (almost singing) voice: “God in you is your own wonderful human imagination.”

The first time I heard it, I was confused and triggered. My religious upbringing saw this as blasphemy. My humility saw this as arrogance. My rational mind saw this as incompatible since God was clearly ‘bigger and better’ than me. My creative mind, however, was curious.

But what if I have impure thoughts?

I am a man. Yes, I have impure thoughts sometimes. Even though I accept all my thoughts, even the impure ones, I couldn’t see those thoughts as belonging to God.

Do I need to ditch them before I could identify myself with something divine? Do I need to become better before my thoughts are God’s thoughts? Does God accept me as his equal while I have impure thoughts? Am I really allowed to look at my thoughts as coming from God? Am I giving my bad thoughts a permission slip by thinking they are God’s thoughts?

My first impulse

My first impulse is to get rid of thoughts I deem unworthy of being God’s thoughts. My first impulse is to analyze why I have them. My first impulse is to equate God with purity and try to become pure, virtuous, and pious.

Luckily, I don’t like piety. I like originality. I like sincerity. I like honesty. Even if it’s not pure. As long as it is an honest expression.

Another impulse is to think that you will do bad things once you see your thoughts as God’s thoughts while you are impure.

All these impulses are focused on one thing: I am not good enough and I need to become better. They are a distraction from seeing what is actually true.

What is true?

What is true is that you are loved and complete as you are NOW in this moment. With you purity and impurity, side by side. Hand in hand. We can use Neville’s saying in order to fix ourselves and become worthy, or we can use it to realize our divinity before we even fix ourselves.

What I learned from Neville was that I thought too low of myself. It was triggering. My humility was misplaced. I saw myself as lower from God, while God saw me as equal the whole time. As one. Thinking you aren’t one with God isn’t humble. It’s a disservice to the truth.

God isn’t waiting to love you

God loves you already. In this state. How you are now. Crazier even, God created you like this. God isn’t waiting for you to become better so God can finally love you. Neville is teaching us that we’re built to be loved. That quality (our complete lovability) is inherent since birth and doesn’t need to be ‘acquired’ by good deeds.

Why are we so afraid to accept ALL PARTS of us as divine? Trust yourself. Know that even when you have thoughts you dislike, you will not act out of ill intention. Trust that you will move through life guided. If you dislike your thoughts, you will learn something that will make your thoughts more aligned with you. Be patient but not judgemental.

The complete you

You need to accept the full you. All aspects. Just don’t do evil. You have a compass in you that knows what is right and what is wrong. That compass is there to guide your actions, not to judge you.

The compass will also let you know that you are loved. In fact, it is already telling you that but your rational mind refuses to accept it. The gap between your compass knowing your divinity and your thoughts refusing to believe that, is exactly what is hurting you. Your compass wants you to accept your divinity. Not later. Not when you are so-called pure. Now. As you are.

Again, you need to accept the full you. All aspects. Only then, will it make sense to say to yourself: God in me is my own wonderful human imagination.




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