Being Satisfied Seems Like the Opposite of Survival

1 min readJul 10, 2022


Photo by Pixabay

Feeling satisfied can be scary. Once you start being more satisfied and stop needing so many things, you might notice some bodily sensations.

I noticed some unrest and tried to follow my brain's logic. The thoughts:

“When I’m satisfied I feel like I’m resting in a world that is in a hurry.”

“This makes me feel incompetent.”

“Because, when I am satisfied and choose rest, I might miss chances or I might neglect the things I should do.”

“So I should always be vigilant and DO things that ensure a good future.”

“Why do I think that feeling satisfied will go against my survival instinct?”

“Because I have been taught that you should remain on your toes constantly. Through schools telling you that you have to compete to have income. Through advertisements that keep telling you that you are incomplete and unsafe UNLESS you buy their products.”

“So that’s why I feel hurried?”

“Let’s go against it and try to be more satisfied. That constant feeling of urgency is just society telling you that you are behind.”

“Are you really behind?”


The end. Let’s live.




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